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“ARENA” is the codename of the newly created project of a new series of crawler dozers weighing from 10 to 22 tonnes with a hydrostatic drive. In the first place, the 18- and 22-tonne machines, i.e., the TD-14HST and TD-16HST models will be developed.

Liugong Dressta Machinery (LDM) will receive a grant from the EU in the amount of over 5 million 600 thousand PLN for the implementation of the innovative project "ARENA". The result of the project will be machines with unique solutions ensuring maximum safety, smooth operability, precision of work and cheaper operation.

The grant was awarded as a result of the competition within the scope of the Intelligent Development Operational Program (POIR) conducted by the National Centre for Research and Development from the European Union funds for industrial research and development. Over 60 entities from all over Poland joined the competition. The selection board selected 20 projects, including the one from Stalowa Wola. The regulations of the competition assumed the co-financing of the projects covering the implementation of industrial research or development works on technological solutions serving the development of business operations and strengthening the competitive position of products. According to the assumptions of the competition, the subject of the project was intended to comprise the solutions tailored to the so called "National intelligent specialisation".

The total value of the ARENA project reported by Liugong Dressta Machinery amounts to PLN 12,278,557.40 and the value of the received co-financing was PLN 5,609,834.39. The subject and the aim of the ARENA project seek to develop the two globally-advanced crawler dozer prototypes and prepare them for launching to the market. – “These will be state-of-the-artmachines, equipped with innovative solutions, directly affecting the efficiency and precision of crawler dozers, and improving operator safety. Specially for this project, the designers from Liugong Dressta Machinery have developed an innovative concept for the design of the operator's cabin. The new cabin is characterised by increased visibility, exceeding both the current standards and standard visibility available in the machines of our competitors.” - explains Hou Yubo, Vice President of Liugong Dressta Machinery.

Obtaining excellent visibility from the crawler dozer's cabin required the designers to customize the remaining systems and elements of the machine. These machines will also obtain an unconventional look, which is connected with a completely innovative location of the main components. They will be machines of which the design has not been seen in the world’s market so far. For example, the crawler dozer’s cooler is located behind the cab, so as not to limit the visibility to the front. The fuel and oil tanks as well as the diagnostic points in the machine will also be unconventionally located, which will facilitate the access to them and will allow to reduce the time and costs of daily maintenance. – “What is important, all these points are accessible from the ground level and thanks to it the person servicing the machine does not have to climb the tracks, which not only shortens the time needed for service, but above all increases the safety of the operator. The need to climb the tracks is an unnecessary inconvenience, which is associated with a considerable risk of injury, slipping, falling, hitting hard and sharp edges.” - explains Damian Drobek, Project Manager for “ARENA”.

The innovative design solutions will also improve the operator's work safety. An interesting solution is placing the entrance to the cabin at the rear part of it. The operator will not have to climb the tracks, and he will get safely inside using the steps, through a special door opening to the front. This will be the first solution of this type used in crawler dozers in the world. In addition, breakthrough solutions in the field of machine control system will be implemented, allowing for improved precision of machine operation. The new machines will have a number of improvements compared to the standard crawler dozers that are currently available on the world’s market. Such innovative machines are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, which will allow LDM to build a competitive advantage in the industry.

The application for co-financing the ARENA project was submitted by Liugong Dressta Machinery to the competition in June 2017. The competition procedures required the justification (reasoning, support) of the submitted project during meetings with experts, which took place at the headquarters of LDM in Stalowa Wola and at the headquarters of the National Centre for Research and Development in Warsaw. The next step will be to build a fully functional prototype. – “The prototype is scheduled to be ready by the end of March 2018. The prototype will be subjected to tests, which will confirm whether it meets the design assumptions. The construction office has finished preparing construction documentation, the technology office is working on technological documentation. Some elements are already being made at the LDM production departments in Stalowa Wola.” - says Damian Drobek.

Ultimately, the crawler dozers from the ARENA project will be produced in several versions, as a series of types ranging from a small 10-ton version, through a medium-sized version, to the biggest model weighing 22 tonnes.

This project is conducted in accordance with the process of developing the new LDP products. The process clearly describes the particular steps of the project along with the responsibilities assigned to them, for the respective departments.


In addition to the above mentioned people, the team also includes the designers of the particular machine systems, as well as the reviewers and persons approving a given solution to a particular system. The designers of the particular machine systems are: Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Barbara Latos-Bakaj, Łukasz Kochan, Jacek Sołtysiak, Krzysztof Kotuła, Karol Barć, Marcin Błądek, Jakub Józefczyk, Bogdan Garbuliński, Łukasz Nawrocki, and Krzysztof Bednarz.

The persons performing the roles of reviewers and approvers are: Ryszard Szuba, Edward Wagner, Waldemar Chmielowiec, Jim Xu, Richard Killgren, Leo Li, Aaron Baker, Sean Plante, and Tadeusz Janowski.

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