TD16N - New benchmark for visibility

It’s won a Red Dot industrial design award for its amazing visibility and safety, it’s undergone extensive customer trails and testing, now, our ground breaking TD-16N is in full production and ready to hit the market. Customer feedback has been amazing, and this machine is set to put Dressta back where it belongs, at the very top of the shopping list for professional dozer customers.

No other dozer looks like the new Dressta model or can deliver the same visibility, it literally is unique. When it comes to performance, it has all the durability and power you would expect from Dressta. With the TD-16N our design team has set out to create the best dozer in the world and I am convinced that they’ve achieved that goal. When you get into the cab, I know that you will be swayed too.

Dressta’s Sales VP Bartosz Kozik added, “We want this to be a very different kind of event, not just sitting and listening but participating and interacting too. Having new product innovations from both brands on show will really underline our overall strength in construction equipment.”

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